My #AprilBlogADay Challenge — Day 1



Well, it’s April 6, and I am posting my first blog of April…oops.  I will do a blog a day for the rest of the month.  SCARY!

If you look back at my posts, you’ll see that I post about once a week…at best.  Yikes.  What on earth will I write about every single day?

This is good for me, though.  This might just make me less inhibited about my writing and just “go for it.”

So, being that I am on Spring Break this week, I thought I would write about what a teacher does on Spring Break.  I think there are two kinds of teachers (and you’ll find that we all fit into these two categories–depending on the year).

Teacher 1:  works on NO school stuff on Spring Break:  no e-mail, no grading, nothing! That’s actually quite healthy.

Teacher 2:  Takes home school work and views it as time to “catch up.”

This year, in order to save money, we decided to stay in town.  So…I am Teacher 2 this year.  I am working.  I did all the mandatory stuff first…grading, e-mails, etc.  Now, I am starting to read blogs, participate in Twitter chats, watch some webinars, and plan lessons.

While I am not sure I am taking the much needed break from work that I should, perhaps my last six weeks of the year will go smoothly due to my efforts this week.  Only time will tell.

To those who have inspired new lessons, thanks.  I’ll let you know how they go…perhaps that’s what I’ll blog each day about.  🙂

If you were going to do the #AprilBlogADay Challenge, what would you write about?


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