Success Stories


#AprilBlogADay  — #3

As a middle school teacher, it isn’t often that I know where my students end up as adults. With the advent of Facebook, I am in touch with more former students than in the past, but historically, I don’t know what becomes of them.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been fortunate enough to run into two former students…ages 26 and 23 (yes, I had them when they were 13).  One went on to become a physical therapist and the other, a computer technician.

I find this information quite gratifying.  I know that my 9 months as their 7th grade teacher had little or no effect on the success they have achieved as adults.  Nonetheless, I love seeing former students find success.

I am especially happy for the computer technician.  In 7th grade, he struggled.  He was identified as having a learning disability, and that “title” stayed with him throughout middle school.  Despite this struggle, he was positive then and has remained that way.  He spoke so positively of his middle school teachers — remembering Greek mythology, novels, and teachers who were nice.

I cannot express what joy it gives me to see these students become successful adults.  How do I know these two students’ stories?  By random circumstance, the physical therapist treats my back and the computer technician showed up at my door to fix my printer over Spring Break.  🙂

Do you have any amazing student success stories?  Share them here!




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